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Damages Articles from 2009
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Damages    November 18, 2009  
Jennie Ryan v Rajaratnam Premachandran

Justice Henric Nicholas finds a disgruntled parent who sent a defamatory email about a primary school principal to 14 other parents was motivated by malice and orders him to pay damages of $80,000 ... more

Damages    September 12, 2009  
Tony Papaconstuntinos v Peter Holmes a Court

Businessman Peter Holmes a Court ordered to pay $25,000 damages to union organiser Tony Papaconstuntinos over a defamatory letter sent to Papaconstuntinos’ boss and read by three other people. The defences of qualified privilege and unlikelihood of harm fail ... more

Damages    August 11, 2009  
Tony Simeone & Anor v Robert Walker & Ors

South Australian judge Brian Withers awards over $200,000 damages each to two dental professionals defamed by a series of emails sent to colleagues and would-be clients. He found the person who sent the emails, Dr Robert Walker, did so maliciously ... more

Damages    July 12, 2009  
Michelina Greig v WIN Television NSW Pty Ltd

After removing consideration of the truth defence from the jury mid-trial, NSW’s Chief Judge at Common Law awards former deputy mayor of Shellharbour Michele Greig damages of $200,000. WIN TV knew what it published was a lie, says Justice Peter McClellan ... more

Damages    July 9, 2009  
Peter Mahommed v Channel Seven Sydney Pty Ltd

NSW Supreme Court Justice David Kirby awards Newcastle mortgage broker Peter Mahommed $240,000 over three Today Tonight broadcasts that accused him of stealing from a dementia patient, financial dishonesty and charging outrageous fees ... more

Damages    June 18, 2009  
Sean Buckley v The Herald & Weekly Times Pty Ltd

Victorian Court of Appeal rules against consolidation of Ultra Tune tycoon’s proceedings over Herald Sun articles alleging illicit dealings and links to an alleged “drug czar”. Court finds consolidation could work a “substantial prejudice” to the plaintiff by imposing statutory cap on damages ... more