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Damages Articles from 2007
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Damages    September 25, 2007  
Coull v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Murdoch’s NT newspapers ordered to pay $12,000 damages over a court report of an assault case. Northern Territory Supreme Court finds it wasn’t fair and accurate ... more

Damages    August 8, 2007  
Dennis Patrick O'Rourke v Stephen Hagan and Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Documentary filmmaker Dennis O’Rourke succeeds in his defamation action against an ATSIC regional councillor and Nationwide News. ACT Supreme Court Justice Ken Crispin awards damages of $204,300 ... more

Damages    August 1, 2007  
Maurice Kriss v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

Disbarred and re-admitted barrister Maurice Kriss succeeds a second time in his defamation action against The Sydney Morning Herald over a malicious story in the now defunct “Sauce” column. Justice Peter McClellan awards him $90,000 – this time with no suggestion of apprehended bias from the bench ... more

Damages    July 27, 2007  
Peter Hyer v Cabbie Pty Ltd & Peer Linholdt

Justice Barr in the NSW Supreme Court awards taxi industry identity damages of $107,000 over “little Hitler” defamation in cab-drivers magazine. Qualified privilege defeated by malice ... more

Damages    July 8, 2007  
Mohammad Abdul Awal v Mohammad Abdur Rouf

Fall out among Bangladeshis over death of relative resulted in two defamatory letters to the Medical Practitioners Board. Loss of face, gossip, the grapevine effect and the lurking place all helped to push damages in the County Court to $105,000 ... more

Damages    June 3, 2007  
Nationwide News Pty Ltd v Sleeman

The NSW Court of Appeal slashes the $400,000 damages awarded to a sports journalist over a defamatory item in Amanda Meade’s column in The Australian. Trial judge David Levine’s original figure was “manifestly excessive”. $250,000 is more like it ... more

Damages    April 4, 2007  
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd v Maurice Kriss

The NSW Court of Appeal orders new trial after finding Justice Michael Adams guilty of ostensible bias. In a crisp 14-page judgment the court found Adams “at an early stage had expressed strong views that could be seen as indicating pre-judgment” ... more

Damages    March 15, 2007  
Romzi Ali v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Justice Bruce James awards Romzi Ali, the former secretary of the Dee Why mosque, damages of $125,000 after Nationwide News withdrew its defences. Ali sued over three articles in The Australian that accused him of being a supporter of terrorism ... more

Damages    March 9, 2007  
Edward Obeid v Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Judge Judith Gibson takes a leaf from Justice Cliff Hoeben’s book and awards former NSW minister Eddie Obeid exactly the same damages awarded against Fairfax. This time it’s $150,000 for a broadcast on the Sally Loane Show ... more

Damages    February 12, 2007  
Anwar Al Barq v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

For the second time in a week Nationwide News has been unable to defend allegations against two Muslims it accused of of having terrorist associations. The Daily Telegraph settles with cleric Anwar Al Barq just as the s.7A trial was about to commence ... more

Damages    February 5, 2007  
Romzi Ali v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

The Australian withdraws all its defences after accusing the former secretary of the Dee Why mosque of being a supporter of terrorism. Justice Bruce James to determine the harm done ... more