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Damages Articles from 2006
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Damages    November 2, 2006  
McGaw v Channel Seven Sydney Pty Ltd

A David Richardson beat-up sees Justice Rothman award former NSW rugby league superstar Mark “Sparkles” McGaw “damages of the highest order” – $385,000 – over a Today Tonight story that did “extraordinary” damage to his reputation ... more

Damages    October 19, 2006  
Richard Talbot v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Judge Judith Gibson finds NRMA board member Richard Talbot “a witness of truth” and awards him damages of $200,000 arising from a defamatory Piers Akerman piece containing “serious and substantial inaccuracies” ... more

Damages    October 12, 2006  
Edward Obeid v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

Justice Clifton Hoeben awards former NSW minister Eddie Obeid damages of $150,000 over an award-winning Sydney Morning Herald story that alleged he was corrupt. Fairfax’s defence of qualified privilege failed on all counts ... more

Damages    September 18, 2006  
Gregory Hodge v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd & Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd

Acting Justice Rex Smart awards substantial defamation damages of $320,000 to Greg Hodge, the former Olympic swimming coach accused by A Current Affair of being a pervert who was obsessed with an 11-year-old girl ... more

Damages    July 28, 2006  
Maurice Kriss v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

Award of $100,000 damages against The Sydney Morning Herald for defamation of a barrister after Justice Michael Adams found that dishonesty and breach of trust fell short of “shoddy advice”. A further amount of $1,008 for injurious falsehood ... more

Damages    June 23, 2006  
Nguyen v Nguyen & Vu Publishers & Ors

Staunch anti-Communist and former publisher of The Bell of Saigon awarded $60,000 over defamation by rival publishers. Acting Justice Patten finds evidence of express malice ... more

Damages    June 2, 2006  
Craftsman Homes Australia Pty Ltd v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd

Acting Justice Rex Smart’s massive judgment finds for Channel Nine in defamation but against the broadcaster in trespass and misleading and deceptive conduct. Nine ordered to pay damages of $310,000 ... more

Damages    April 5, 2006  
Arthur Dent v Macquarie Radio Network Pty Ltd

Justice Virginia Bell awards $65,000 to “malingering” skydiver Arthur Dent, an “unusual individual” defamed by 2UE’s Ray Hadley. Macquarie Radio’s plethora of defences went nowhere ... more