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Damages Articles from 2005
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Damages    September 13, 2005  
Bishop Mar Meelis Zaia v Chibo

Justice Nicholas awards $175,000 to the defamed head of the Assyrian Church of the East, Bishop Zaia. David Chibo, publisher of the offending article, is nowhere to be seen ... more

Damages    September 7, 2005  
Tucker v Echo Publications Pty Ltd

Unexpected verdict and damages of $125,000 awarded to plaintiff in case concerning allegations of poor treatment of an employee. Acting judge rejects all evidence put by Byron Bay newspaper ... more

Damages    August 31, 2005  
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd v Pat O'Shane

Court of Appeal shaves $45,000 from original Pat O’Shane verdict of $220,000. O’Shane lost 50 percent of her imputations on appeal yet the reassessed damages arising from the Janet Albrechtsen article are only reduced by 20 percent ... more

Damages    August 8, 2005  
John Zunter v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

Justice Simpson uses her special news judgment to once more send the s.22 defence packing. Damages of $100,000 awarded over Sydney Morning Herald bushfire story. The judge thinks that withholding names from a story does not affect its news value ... more

Damages    April 19, 2005  
Mason v Doyle

Damages of $50,000 assessed for verbal allegation of rape made against Liberal candidate outside council polling booth. The attack was heard by nine to 10 bystanders. No evidence of actual damage to reputation. Action undefended … more

Damages    April 15, 2005  
John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd v ACP Publishing Pty Ltd

Kerry Packer and his companies have lost three of the four actions they launched in late 1999 against John Fairfax Publications and CEO Fred Hilmer. In the latest defeat the ACT Court of Appeal overturned findings that Whitlam J took over a year to produce. Last case yet to be tried ... more

Damages    January 18, 2005  
Jones v Sutton

NSW Court of Appeal says Judge Gibson’s reasoning on the defence of unlikelihood of harm is “difficult to analyse”. Trial judge applied the wrong test for the defence. Damages of $5,000 awarded for defamation by Warringah councillor ... more