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Section 7A Articles from 2008
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Section 7A    December 2, 2008  
Sayar & Malyar Dehsabzi v Fairfax Media Publications Pty Ltd

NSW District Court s7A jury finds that the Australian Financial Review defamed Afghan-Australian interpreters Sayar and Malyar Dehsabzi. 10 out of 21 imputations get up – but not an imputation that they “supported terrorism” ... more

Section 7A    July 2, 2008  
Noel Dennis v Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Failed nuclear technology company Nu-Tec’s defamation ambitions suffer another setback as a feisty NSW Supreme Court jury throws out the bulk of the case brought against the ABC’s 7.30 Report by Noel Dennis, one of Nu-Tec’s principle shareholders and the company’s former “legal advisor” ... more

Section 7A    May 27, 2008  
Roseanne Beckett v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd & Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd

A Supreme Court jury delivers a verdict for Roseanne Catt (nee Beckett), but only after it asks a question of some substance. Catt, whose attempted murder conviction was quashed in 2004, is suing over a 60 Minutes program that alleged she sexually abused her stepchildren … more

Section 7A    February 5, 2008  
Rachel Gardener v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Rachel Gardener, the former Homebush High English teacher defamed as a bank robber by The Daily Telegraph in 2006, has done much better in her s.7A re-trial. Once again the jury rejects an imputation sent back by the NSW Court of Appeal ... more