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Section 7A Articles from 2005
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Section 7A    November 15, 2005  
Bennette v Cohen

Byron Bay property developer Jerry Bennette loses his appeal against a s.7A jury finding. The verdict was not outside the range of the rational. “Mere vulgar abuse” also given a well deserved airing ... more

Section 7A    October 11, 2005  
Edward Obeid v Australian Broadcasting Corporation

NSW Labor MP Eddie Obeid wins another s.7A over the Oasis development allegations, this time against the ABC. McClintock on a roll as District Court jury finds all three imputations pleaded by the plaintiff conveyed and defamatory ... more

Section 7A    October 6, 2005  
Peter Mohammed v Channel Seven Sydney Pty Ltd

Section 7A trial. Financial adviser Peter Mahommed gets one out of 15 imputations up against Channel Seven’s Today Tonight – the only imputation almost conceded by Seven’s counsel Kieran Smark ... more

Section 7A    September 29, 2005  
Jeremy Griffith & Ors v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd and David Millikan

Self-styled prophet Jeremy Griffith and Everest mountaineer Tim Macartney-Snape come to grief in a second s.7A trial, this time against The Sydney Morning Herald. Ten years after publication one imputation gets up ... more

Section 7A    September 21, 2005  
Harvey v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd

NSW Court Of Appeal enters a verdict for Fairfax instead of ordering a third s.7A trial. Acting Justice Hunt has had enough of revisiting “unreasonable verdicts”. He suspects the problem might lie with “counsel who have not had the experience with juries which is necessary to communicate with them adequately” ... more

Section 7A    September 14, 2005  
Michael Megna & Russell Lloyd v David Marshall & Richard Tory

Section 7A trial. Defendants denied publication of “political scandal sheets” attacking the mayor and general manager of a local council. Jury disbelieves the denials and finds that all 90 imputations pleaded from 17 circulars arose and are defamatory. Success for Molomby SC ... more

Section 7A    August 11, 2005  
Edward Obeid v John Fairfax Publications

Story from the Gold Walkley winning Sydney Morning Herald series on the Oasis scandal defames Labor politician Eddie Obeid. Section 7A ... more

Section 7A    June 30, 2005  
Abraham Gilbert Saffron v John Silvester, Andrew Rule & Ors

Section 7A trial. Jury puts out of its mind what it thinks of Abe Saffron and finds that he’s defamed by journalists in the book, TOUGH. 101 Australian Gangsters ... more

Section 7A    June 21, 2005  
Cameron Donald v TCN Channel Nine Pty Ltd

Section 7A trial. BRW Young Rich entrant gets one out of 24 imputations up against Channel Nine’s A Current Affair. Full-frontal attack in five broadcasts, but the jury thought it was not defamatory to call a Sydney property developer, “a thief, crook and a scumbag” ... more

Section 7A    June 2, 2005  
Gacic & Ciric v John Fairfax Publications Pty Ltd & Matthew Evans

Section 7A verdict. Serbian restaurateurs unsuccessful in their action against The Sydney Morning Herald and Matthew Evans over scathing review of Coco Roco in “Good Living”. “A dismal pyramid of sorbet.” ... more

Section 7A    May 26, 2005  
Thomas v Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Section 7A trial. Jury finds only one imputation defamed former Taree police officer who was the subject of an investigation by Four Corners’ Sally Neighbour ... more

Section 7A    April 17, 2005  
Wen Yue He v Australian Chinese Newspapers Pty Ltd

Non-violent Chinese student mistakenly accused of violent crime. Identification witnesses didn’t believe the newspaper article referred to the plaintiff, yet the section 7A jury finds eleven of 19 imputations conveyed and defamatory … more

Section 7A    April 17, 2005  
SMEC Holdings Ltd v Boniface

Lengthy section 7A trial, mainly about publication. Ninety-six out of 100 imputations arising from a variety of publications, including emails, found to arise and to be defamatory ... more

Section 7A    March 17, 2005  
Romzi Ali v Nationwide News Pty Ltd

Section 7A. Public Interest Advocacy Centre funds defamation case. Secretary of the Dee Why mosque defamed in three articles published in The Australian ... more