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Australia’s leading online media law journal

Since 1986 the Gazette of Law & Journalism has been covering court cases, legislation and policy issues that affect the media.

We have a comprehensive database of materials on defamation, contempt, suppression, protection of sources, freedom of information and privacy.

The Gazette is an indispensable resource for students, journalists, editors, radio and television producers, publishers and their legal advisers.

It is now published entirely online with new material posted every few days.

Subscribers are alerted by email when important news stories or features are published. However, we urge our readers to keep an eye on the site for fresh stories.

Access to articles is by user-name and password.

An individual subscription for 12-months is $A660.00 (including GST). Please visit our subscription page for details.

Site licences and IP fixing for firms, chambers, libraries and educational institutions are also available on request. Please contact

The Gazette of Law and Journalism is published by Richard Ackland’s Law Press of Australia. Richard has 30 years experience in legal journalism and is the legal affairs columnist for The Sydney Morning Herald. He also edits the online legal magazine Justinian.

The editor of the Gazette is Yvonne Kux. Yvonne is a former ABC journalist who has reported for the Gazette and Justinian for the past five years. She can be contacted at: